A few easy ways to copy/paste objects in MacOS.

How To Copy And Paste On Mac

The American Apple corporation with its product MacOS (Macintosh Operating System) actively and successfully presses the competitors. The operating system is specially designed for Apple’s gadgets and is included in the line of private products with a graphical interface. 

MacOS gives you the possibility to copy and paste text, images and files in three different ways. But sometimes, due to software incompatibility with certain programs, no manipulations with clipboard allowed error may occur. 

What the operating system has to offer

The Mac system is very user-friendly, feature-rich and stable. The whole installation process is just a few clicks of the mouse. It can only be installed on Apple computers and laptops. Its capabilities are much wider than those of similar products:

  • large variety of programs and applications;
  • integration with ICloud;
  • maximum protection for personal information;
  • single range for all Apple devices;
  • support of programs and files from Windows.

The operating system has an intuitive interface and a set of useful and interesting features. All this allows you to solve everyday tasks with high speed. In addition, there is no need to worry about security, the devices are under a high level of protection and privacy of data.

Manipulations with text

The majority of users adapt to the operating system fairly quickly. At first, however, there may be some hitches with copy-paste of fragments. We have compiled detailed instructions on how to work below.


Actions without a keyboard

Using the mouse when working with a computer, the actions in all operating systems are similar:

  1. Select part of the text.
  2. Use the right mouse button or the “Control” button to call the context menu and select the action.
  3. Put the cursor where you want to duplicate the information.
  4. Right-click the context menu and paste the object.
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The main difference in Mac OS is the slightly changed appearance of the context menu.

The MacBook range features a highly responsive Multi-Touch sliding pad. Using small left, right, up or down movements, you can move your cursor across the screen and interact with applications. A slight vibration helps you perform your actions with precision.

Having mastered the gesture control, the user can copy/paste fragments without the keyboard and mouse as described above.

Copy/Paste via the menu bar

In an open file, the user should do the following steps in sequence: Edit > Copy (or Cut). Then, go to the place of the new paste and choose Edit > Paste from the menu bar.

Using this method in practice, the text will retain its previous formatting when pasted. To make the operating system match the copied object with the existing document style, you have to go to Edit > Paste and match the style. Using a combination of Shift + Option + Command + V, you can accomplish the same thing, but in a few seconds.

Copying in hot mode

For maximum efficiency and high processing speed, users should remember a few keyboard shortcuts. In Mac OS, the combinations are slightly different from other operating systems. All actions are related to the main Command button and they look as follows:

  1. Command + C – allow you to copy the selected object to the clipboard.
  2. Command + X – the “Cut” command transfers data from one place to another.
  3. Command + V – paste element from the clipboard to the selected place.

There are also other auxiliary commands that help in the cut-and-paste operation:

  1. Command + А. It helps to select all or part of the document for further copying.
  2. Command + Z. Returns the previous action.  

It is important to remember not only the combination of buttons, but also their location on the keyboard so you can use this method blindly.

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How to copy and paste an image

Multitasking involves the user working not only with text objects, but also with graphical objects. To copy/paste an image, you can use the context menu by right-clicking and simply by drag-and-drop. 

Moving folders and files in 4 ways

Changing the location of folders/files is one of the most important things you can do with your computer. With Mac OS, there are four mechanisms for doing this. 

The first method

On the Dock panel at the bottom of the screen, click on the smiling Finder icon. Mark one or more files, folders to be duplicated in the application. Combine the two hotkey combinations:

  1. Copy items using Command + C. This will not make them disappear from the list, but will give them a different color for further actions.
  2. Move folders, files to a new location with Command + Option + V.

It’s worth noting that if the user needs to make a copy of objects and paste them to another place, it is enough to hold Command + V. The cut and paste function is only available with the simultaneous activation of the three keys Command + Option + V.

The second method

The next mechanism that macOS allows is to use the context menu tools:

  • Mark the desired objects in the Finder with your mouse;
  • right-click on them and activate the “Copy” option;
  • select a new place in the Finder to paste the items;
  • right-click on an arbitrary area and use the “Paste object” option.

Applying this method, the folders and files are only duplicated in the new place.

The third method

The penultimate option is the fastest, easiest and most similar to Windows. Follow the instructions:

  • find items to move in the Finder;
  • click and move them to the desired place in the left panel.

This toolkit only works for moving.

The fourth method

The last trick available in macOS concerns the menu bar. It is implemented when the document is open on the screen:

  • hover your cursor over the name of the file in the menu bar, click on it;
  • In the pop-up element, change the name, the storage place, or choose one of the suggested options from the drop-down menu.

The last option can only be applied to files. It has no effect on folders.



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