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Mike Zimmer Girlfriend is a Top Glamour Model, Know More About Her

If you’re a fan of the Minnesota Vikings Fan, you would probably know Mike Zimmer. He was the head coach of the Vikings from 2014 to 2021. Well, for some time, he has been in the news; it’s not because his team is playing well, but it’s because of his girlfriend. The name of Mike Zimmer Girlfriend is Katarina Elizabeth. She is a well-known model on Instagram and has also done some modeling work for big magazines. She has over 400k followers on Instagram and has a huge fan following there. Despite all of this, Most people don’t know about her, but we got you; today, we will tell you all about Mike Zimmer Girlfriend aka Katarina Elizabeth.

Who is Mike Zimmer Girlfriend?

Katarina Elizabeth is Mike’s current girlfriend. She was born on 17 November 1982 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which makes her 40 years old in 2022. On the other side, Mike was born on 5 June 1956, which makes him 66 years old. The age gap between this couple is 26 years, but it doesn’t matter to both. 

Her parents’ names are still unknown to the world; however, they came from Yugoslavia to the USA. After completing high school, she got into St. Scholastic College to take a BA in Psychology. Later she enrolled at Northwestern University for a master’s degree. Her interest was in finance, so she did MBA. She also did some other studies to sharpen her skills.

Mike Zimmer Girlfriend
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She is a famous glamour model and businesswoman, famous for being on the cover of various magazines. Some famous magazines she worked with are Maxim Australia and Sports Illustrated. In her early days, she worked for Maxim South Africa as Elizabeth Audrey. As of now, she is the VC of Mid-Market loaning in Frandsen Bank. She earlier had a similar role at the TCF Bank. She got her banking experience by working at MidCountry Bank from 2007-15. Katarina was a credit analyst and vice president in 2012 and had the post for three years until her departure. She even has Wells Fargo on her resume.

On the other hand, her boyfriend, Mike Zimmer, is a former coach of the Minnesota Vikings. He took his team to the 2017-18 NFC championship game, but they lost to Philadelphia Eagles. He is now working as an analyst at Jackson State.

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Mike Zimmer Girlfriend Social Media:

First, starting with her Instagram, she has over 400K+ followers on Instagram. She is famous for her bold Instagram pictures, and most photos get thousands of likes. She shares photos of mike sometimes on her Instagram, which shows she loves her.

On Twitter, she is not much famous like Instagram, she has 1700 followers, but she only posts a little on Twitter. She is not active on any other social media platforms.


As you know, she is dating Mike Zimmer. Her dating history before mike has yet to be discovered by the world. Well, she is a fan of the Minnesota Vikings, and mike was the head coach of the Vikings at that time. They were first seen at a Vikings party. After one year of dating, they finally told the media that they were dating. The relationship is unique because the age gap between them is 26. Some people said she doesn’t love her and does this just for money. Well, she said age is just a number, and they both are happy, and that’s what matters to her. However, they both are not married yet; we will update you as soon as they tie the knot.

Mike Zimmer Girlfriend
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However, her dating history is unknown, but mike was previously married to Vikki, but she died in 2009. However, he had three kids with her named Adam, Marki, and Corri. Adam is also a coach and won a super bowl with the New Orleans Saints as an assistant linebackers coach.

Physical Appearance:

Without a doubt, to be a model, you need to be in perfect shape. Well, she is in ideal condition, she is 40 years old, but she doesn’t look 40 from any angle. Her fitness, dedication, and discipline are what make her this healthy. She has a height of 5ft and 7 inches, and she weighs around 55 kg. Her beautiful blonde hair and black eyes make her more beautiful. She uploads workout videos on Instagram, and you quickly tell how dedicated she is to her fitness. With this fitness and figure, she is going to be more famous on Instagram.

Mike Zimmer Girlfriend Net Worth:

She is a glamour model famous for modeling shoots with big brands and magazines. She also has 400K followers on Instagram, and in this online world, Instagram models make so much money from doing sponsorship on Instagram. At this time, she has an estimated net worth of 500K Dollars. Her main income source is modeling and her banking job. Well, her net worth is going to increase at a fast rate because she is growing on Instagram and will make a good amount of money doing sponsorship.

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Mike, on the other hand, has a net worth of 12 Million Dollars. He earned most of the money working as a head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. He had an average salary of 4 million dollars as head coach.

Mike Zimmer Girlfriend
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Facts About Mike Zimmer Girlfriend:

  • She is a big fan of the Minnesota Vikings; you can see photos she shares on her Instagram when she goes to their game.
  • In 2018, she took a break from social media.
  • She owns a bike shop named One ten cycles, and also has a insta account on the name of shop.
  • She has a blog where she posts articles about hiking, fitness, and biking.
  • Her parents were of Serbian heritage. 
  • Her ethnicity is mixed.
  • She loves hiking and biking so much.
  • She is a single mother of a daughter; we found out that from her bio on Twitter. However, we didn’t find any posts about her daughter.
  • Mike Zimmer has a 56% winning record in the regular season and a 40% winning record in the postseason. They were in the postseason three times in his coaching time.


Is Mike and her Girlfriend Married?

No, they are not married now; they have been dating for about three years. 

What is the age gap between Mike and her Girlfriend?

So, Mike is 66 years old, and her girlfriend, Katarina, is 40 years old, which makes the age gap between them 26.


In conclusion, Katarina Elizabeth is Mike Zimmer Girlfriend. They have been dating since 2019 when they first met at a Vikings party. After dating for one year, they finally accepted their dating rumors. Despite having a significant age gap of 26 years between them, they still love each other and don’t care about what other people say about their relationship. They both are happy together, Katarina is busy doing her Banking job and modeling, and Mike is working as an Analyst at Jackson state. Both aren’t married now but will marry in the future. Minnesota Vikings are at a record of 8 wins and two losses. What do you think if Mike was head coach this season, it would be a better record or worse? Tell us in the comments.

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