Zahara freaked out by fan devotion

By Lenin Ndebele

JOHANNESBURG-DEVOTED fans will do anything to get noticed by their celebrity idols – and sometimes it doesn’t always go according to plan.

Multiple award-winning South African singer Zahara has admitted to being slightly freaked out after a fan engraved a lifetime dedication on their arm.

‘I lv Zahara’, says the freshly tattooed engraving, posted by Zahara on Instagram.

Zahara wrote: “When a fan engraves himself… this must be painful, but thank you for your love.”

Zahara later admitted to reporters she found the whole affair slightly “scary”.

“The last time I saw a similar thing was with Michael Jackson. Two weeks back when I performed Umthwalo Wam, two fans fainted,” she revealed.

“I’m doing the right thing and people don’t know how to express their love for me. It’s scary that a fan would cut his hand with a bottle for me. What if the nerve gets affected? My music is well-received and people react differently to showcase their love for my music. My music is helping and healing people.”