Ladies freak out over sale

By Southern Times writer

What would you do if you hear that an item which use to cost R1000 is now costing R60 at your favourite shop? Ignore and wait for it to go back to R1000 or jump in the first taxi and hope that you will still find that item in the shop?

Well, most of Namibian ladies took the latter option and as you might have guessed, it didn’t go down well.

Where there is cheap quality items – restricted only to two days – with women (pun intended) involved- rest assured there would be chaos.

That is exactly what happened this week in Namibia’s capital city, Windhoek, when Foschini clothing shop had its special clearance sale where items were going for less than R60.

With over 200 stores located in prime shopping centres and central business districts (CBD) in Southern Africa, Foschini is the top-to-toe destination for the fashionable woman.

Its clothes are normally expensive but hell broke loose in one of its shops in Windhoek’s CBD when the prices fell spectacularly because of the clearance sale.

One woman even had to be rushed to the hospital and others were injured because of the stampede. We kid you not! And if you thought that would stop the shoppers you are wrong.

In several videos that went viral on social media, ladies can been seen fighting over clothes on the shelves. And oh poor the shelves – they didn’t survive the attack as the shop was almost completely destroyed by the commotion.

The Foschini staff had to close the doors because there was simply no more space for shoppers. But that didn’t stop the shoppers either, the police had to be called to finally control the situation.

We just hope the Foschini staff had a chance to buy whatever they wanted before enduring the trauma!

May 2017
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