Re-engagement on top of government agenda

Harare  – The Zimbabwe government is keen to normalize relations with countries that have maintained a hardline stance against Harare, while also strengthening bilateral ties with friendly nations.

Some Western countries have over the past decade isolated Zimbabwe as well as imposed sanctions as punishment for expropriating prime agricultural land from minority whites for redistribution to the majority blacks who the settlers had confined to rocky and sandy soils in what came to be known as Tribal Trust Lands.

Recently appointed Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi told ambassadors accredited to Zimbabwe that Zimbabwe would push for re-engagement to normalize relations.

He said dialogue between Zimbabwe and countries that had turned hostile was important.

“I have also been authorized to seek rapprochement and re-engagement with erstwhile friends who may have run away from us or are parked away and busy contemplating what the next move is. From us, the next move is rapprochement. We seek to re-engage,” he said.

“Diplomacy entails dialogue and we have to keep the dialogue going under all conditions and at all times. Government to government cooperation is going to be a must in our diplomatic thrust and diplomacy must never be based on speculation or hearsay.”

Mzembi was speaking at a reception he hosted for newly acredited ambassadors to Zimbabwe from five countries including Nigeria, Canada and Netherlands.

He said in order to achieve the envisaged re-engagement, the government would also utilize the diaspora population.

“We will be out there in the global market place looking at new friends, of course we can only succeed with this diplomatic thrust if we have our citizens locked to our agenda and these citizens include those that are abroad.”

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