South Africa: Favorite School Teacher Is Accused of Sleeping with 5 Students

CAPE TOWN, – A history teacher at a top men’s-only school in South Africa is accused of sleeping with five students. Fiona Viotti, who is also a water polo trainer, is reportedly married, and is suspected of committing “sexual violations” based on an investigation. The 30-year-old teacher taught at Bishops Diocesan College’s top school in Cape Town between 2013 and 2019.

Reported by News24 via the New York Post, Viotti was accused of having slept with five students, and sending indecent photos to her students. In fact, a number of photos and videos of the former model as well as the water polo star were circulating on the porn site Pornhub. Viotti decided to resign last October, after he was said to have a relationship with an 18-year-old student. In the explanation of the boarding school in South Africa, Viotti was allegedly also involved in relations with a number of other students. Principal Guy Pearson who announced the results of the investigation Monday (2/12/2019) said, Viotti could not be penalized because he had already left.

The investigation was led by an independent lawyer, and conducted interviews with dozens of students, school staff, to parents of students. Viotti’s lawyer, William Booth, told The Times of London, his client was very shaken by the case. Because, he did not think if the videos and photos that he shared could get into porn sites. She and her husband are reported to have moved. “He is not in a position to provide information. Also, this is not a criminal case,” said Booth. He was referring to the fact that all students suspected of being related to Viotti were over 16 years of age, the age of concern for law enforcement.

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The school explained, no one had sent a criminal report with the parents of students having received an explanation about their rights. “On behalf of the school, we are very sad about this incident and are committed to ensuring that the mental health of those affected is handled,” Pearson said.