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Why Do People Get Prescription Sunglasses?

People with poor eyesight choose between glasses and contact lenses for different reasons. If the lenses are not suitable for you or are not recommended by the ophthalmologist, then you will need prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes from the hot sun. In this article, you will know about Why Do People Get Prescription Sunglasses?

What are prescription sunglasses for?

  1. The most important reason for choosing prescription sunglasses is convenience. It is not a pleasant thing to replace ordinary glasses with sunglasses and lose the consistently clear picture of the world. Prescription sunglasses also protect your eyes from strong light and ultraviolet radiation, while maintaining your eye comfort.
  2. The second reason is much related to summer vacation. The ophthalmologist is very negative about taking a bath with contact lenses. This is because an environment conducive to the growth of bacteria will be formed on the lens when it is worn.
  3. Third, if your eyes are temporarily sick (for example, conjunctivitis or a cold), the doctor recommends that you keep your eyes away from the lens. To change your glasses in the sunny season, you can make a choice: wear ordinary glasses and squint in the sun, or wear sunglasses without diopter to see clearly. The diopter sunglasses solved this problem immediately.

Do prescription glasses protect against ultraviolet radiation?

All sunglasses should provide reliable UV protection for your eyes, because after dark lenses, the pupils will expand and begin to absorb more UV radiation than usual. A lens with diopter works like a magnifying glass of ultraviolet radiation, so protection must be mandatory.

In order to obtain greater eye comfort, a polarized lens coating is used. With such a coating, the picture becomes clearer and unnecessary glare is eliminated. At Harry Cooper, all sunglasses (with or without diopter) are 100% UV resistant and have a polarized lens coating.

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What is important about these glasses?

Prescription sunglasses are more than just tinted lenses. These are optical devices that truly protect eyesight, equipped with necessary filters to prevent harmful ultraviolet radiation from entering the eye structure.

Otherwise, your eyes will face a double risk, because in tinted glasses, the pupils will expand, and ultraviolet rays can freely penetrate ordinary lenses, causing greater damage to vision.

What if I have difficult vision?

Everyone has a different understanding of this word. If your eyes have different diopter values, making glasses is as easy as making the same diopter. More difficult cases of astigmatism and high refractive power:

  1. Large diopter: Starting from -5.0, your glasses need thinner lenses than usual. It is enough to contact a Harry Cooper consultant, and they will easily choose the lenses you need. They will be a bit more expensive than standard ones.
  2. Large diopter and astigmatism: In this case, you have to wait 2-3 weeks to make the lens. The cost of coloring such lenses individually by European manufacturers will also be higher than usual.

Pre-made prescription sunglasses

Let us say right away that it is almost impossible to buy off-the-shelf sunglasses with optical diopter. The fact is that it is difficult to provide buyers with a series of ready-made glasses with different designs, different sizes and shapes, and at the same time with different refractive powers and lens functions.

Therefore, opticians have taken a more reasonable path—they provide orders for the manufacture of diopter sunglasses—you choose any frame you like, and then choose lenses according to your prescription. Soon you will have a custom-made perfect pair of glasses.

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Benefits of prescription sunglasses

For those interested in superior optical performance and continuous UV protection, prescription sunglasses are a good choice.

Not only are they practical and reasonably priced, they are also very easy to use.

Imagine the following scenario…

1) You can spend a nice day on the beach without irritating your eyes with the sand or sea water from wearing contact lenses.

2) By replacing ordinary glasses with sunglasses, you can enjoy a relaxing driving experience without reducing the quality of your eyesight.

3) You can do your favorite outdoor sports without worrying about the clip-on lens falling or breaking.

Why Buy Prescription Sunglasses?

If you do not own a pair yet, you may not be clear about the benefits. We will make some lists.

Optical clarity: First of all, prescription sunglasses are made according to your recommendation to assist you see clearly even in bright sunlight. Stop squinting in the sun!

Eye protection: Sunglasses help to get rid of blue light and ultraviolet, both of which can harm your eyes and cause eye fatigue.  

Contact question: Has your contact become a hassle or expense? Prescription sunglasses are a good choice when your eyes become dry or you just need to take a break from contact with contact lenses.

Fashion accessories: Sunglasses are a declaration, giving you the chance to express yourself. With a variety of brands and styles, you will find the perfect match for your face fashion sense and shape.

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