Founding Father of Namibia is Nujoma, not the late Toivo, says First Lady

Jun 28, 2017

Lahja Nashuuta

WINDHOEK – The Founding Father of the Namibian nation is Dr Sam Nujoma, and not the late Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo, First Lady Monica Geingos has said.

Geingos expressed her displeasure towards some individuals that used the death of Ya Toivo to spread deceitful information and behave disrespectfully towards Dr Nujoma, who she said is the Founding Father of Namibia.

Geingos was speaking at the official opening of the 4th  Rural Women’s  Parliament with Men as Partners  hosted by the National Council, the lower house of Namibia’s Parliament on Wednesday.

“I was disenchanted by a few individuals and cliques as well as some of the media houses who used Ya Toivo’s mourning period to engage into deceptive dialogue and try to feed the nation with false information regarding our Founding Father of the Namibian nation.

“Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo was a revolutionary hero, he played a notable role during the liberation struggle for independence as an anti-apartheid activist as well as after independence as Minister of Labour and served on many political platforms.

“We loved him and cherished his life. However, the fact remains that the Founding Father of Namibia Nation is Dr Sam Nujoma. Let’s not change the fact,” Geingos said.

The First Lady further lashed out at journalists for spreading fabricated information about national leaders.

“What we read in the newspapers today is corruption and that leaders are enriching themselves and don’t care about the nation and that the economy is going down, which is not true. We have become a dishonest nation and for us to achieve our goals, there is a need to provide people with correct information,” she said.

Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo died on 9 June at the age of 92 and was buried at the national shrine, the Heroes Acre in Windhoek, on Saturday, June 24.


19 Responses

  1. Titles, titles.What remains is the man left standing when u take away the title. My view.

  2. You can say that again and again our first lady…….Dr. Shafiishuna Sam Nujoma is the Founding Father of Namibia National.

    • Mee Orrvia don’t you think that this is contrary to what the President said? 😂

  3. Blacks are lazy to read and listen carefully before they #attacking. .. for namibia ! For Republic!

  4. What is the definition of a founding father in the Namibia context?

  5. Please leave Tatekulu Toivo ya Toivo to rest in peace. He is the founder of OPA that he changed to OPO and again change it to Swapo for all Namibian people. History speak by itself.

  6. “Everything is personal: money, even recognition.”

  7. Why you all speaking on behalf of Cde Sam? What did he say about it himself?
    Being ‘father of the nation’ possess some untold benefits or allowance? 🤔 expand more Salas Pinto

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